Mr Hemingway

Mr Hemingway was a stray rehomed with a mate

However farm life was not to be his fete

This fine male feline wandered into town

And adopted another play ground


The Galleria mistress was at home

And mice appeared on the stoop

With a proud smiling cat to boot

Oh well said she what can this be?

Poor feline he must need me


Bowls of sustenance were the order of the day

Whilst Mr Hemingway was at play

He ambulled with a listy leer

His ear his ear his ear I fear!


Smells pervade a vet parade

However recovery has been slow

But Mr Hemingway is on the go

Today the proud doorman of The Galleria abode

Hippip Hooray Hippip Hooray. What a great day

By Louisa Geddes - August 2019

Mr Hemingway - poem - The Galleria  Mr Hemingway - poem - The Galleria